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I enjoy telling stories through my writing, resulting in 5 books and many travel articles. During the last few years I have written and performed in 3 fun-filled stand up Fringe shows, as a way to share my passion for travel and adventure in a light hearted way.

I've always had a yearning for adventure but rarely travelled far and wide until my 30's. This all changed one winters day, when General Motors decided to close the factory gates to the place of my work, in Luton, England. I took the pay out and grabbed the chance to finally travel the world, along with my wife of course! 

During my travels I've been chased by lions, circled by sharks, and once hired a donkey called Angus, in northern Peru. After 3 months in Africa we moved to Western Australia and now live between the Indian Ocean and the forest, with our children and a dog called Peppy.


I still miss English hillsides, real ale and salt and vinegar crisps.


Storytelling runs in my family. My Great Uncles were Seanachaís (Irish storytellers) and as a child, I always enjoyed listening to their animated tales about rural life in Donegal.

I hope you enjoy looking around my webpage. There are podcast shows dedicated to living, working and travelling around Australia. You will also discover a giveaway travel book and links to the places where you can enjoy my stories.

My writing style was once described by a travel editor as "informative and quirky."

As a fan of Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux I was thrilled when one reviewer left the following remarks regarding my African travel memoir. 





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You can contact me or connect with me, just here!

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