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How a McGuinness tried to become a Guinness world record holder

So as you can see, I have applied to the Guinness World Records to see if they will recognise my attempt. Along the way, I have taken photos and videos to use as evidence.                                                                  

                                    I hope you enjoy this selection.

Cape Leewin is the most south westerly point in Australia and made a perfect location to commence my book tour. 
The latitude for Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia, Australiais: -34.353457 and the longitude is: 115.147413.

A quick dip in the Southern Ocean and then I was off!

During the flight to Dublin, I met some of the friendly flight crew from Etihad Airways

At Land's End my 1,000 mile bike tour began, with six friends. I slap met Dan, the friendliest photographer in Cornwall. He is the man that takes the photos by the iconic landmark.

Alan, Colin, JP, Alistair, Mark, Mick and Nick.
As you can see, my home town of Busselton is a long way from Land's End in Cornwall.

In Kendal I met up with Bruce and Tony. Brucies bike shop has been going since 1978 and they were able to give me lots of valuable advice. I also purchased some much needed energy bars! By the look of this photo, we could be triplets!

I even managed a selfie with friendly assistant at Gretna Green 

Plus I met Daphne, 20 years after staying with her in Moffat!

After 1,000 miles, it was finally time for a rest.

As for the book tour, it ended by the north sea, at John O'Groats. I hope Christine managed to enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed doing the book tour.

As for the world record attempt, it failed due to a lack of evidence!

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